Nicole Latulippe


Josh Stephens

Nicole Latulippe and Josh Stephens

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

58 days until the big day!

Our Story

In 2021 Nicole and Josh met in a modern day fairy tale…..the online dating app, Bumble! It was no surprise that Nicole stole Josh’s heart with their first message “Hey handsome 😘”. The infamous first date was at Boston’s cheapest date night but Josh truly won over the heart of Nicole after some tacos, four margaritas and a kiss on the dance floor.

Their favorite memories together include raising their crazy dog ROI, introducing him to Sophie and Bella, escaping to Vermont on the weekends and dancing the night away whenever they get the chance. They both cherish their closest friends and family so most weekends are spent enjoying life and a bottle of wine with them.

Josh gave Nicole the proposal of her dreams on their week long trip down the Pacific Coast Highway in CA. While staying in Santa Barbara he brought her to a cliff overlooking the water most notably known for viewing a sunset with wine and cheese. To Nicole’s surprise Josh turned around and gave her a note from her Dad, who was at the time battling stage 4 cancer and who has since passed, giving Josh his approval for her hand in marriage (queue the waterworks). Next thing she knew, he was down on one knee in the most beautiful spot in the world….I mean just look at the photos!

We cannot wait to celebrate our love with you all by our side, and what better place than to do it in sunny Puerto Rico!